Saturday, January 15

Bad Temper

"Bad temper is an indication of a man's character; every man can be judged by the things which make him mad." Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Thursday, January 13

Half-full, Half-empty, or Both?

Why must we either look only for the good or bad in people; why exclude one or the other? People have both strengths and weaknesses; pluses and minuses; virtues and vices. It would be unreal to assume that people are all virtuous; it would be unreal to assue that all people are incapable of virtue because they have vices.

Monday, January 3

New Year's Resolution

Fantasy. Everyone in the world has their own fantasies; is this a good thing or a bad thing? I say that all we have to do is look at the world around us to know that trying to make what is not real become real is very dangerous.

My New Year’s resolution is to cease trying to make my fantasies become reality.

Friday, December 31

A Dream

Satan had a fantasy; Satan dreamt that he was greater than Almighty God. Satan is now bitter - why? Because he knew, he knows that his fantasy is not real, but cannot let go of it.

Monday, December 27


Have you ever noticed that everything sounds opinionated when it's written?

Saturday, December 18



Lord Jesus, increase my faith.

I want so much to have the kind of faith that moves mountains.

I want to believe with such intensity that only a thin veil separates me from seeing You Face to Face.

I want to see the Father’s Will and providence in everything that happens.

You had such a serene confidence in the Father’s guiding hand as it manifested His Will in the circumstances of life.

Give me that gift, Lord and Master, that I too may have the joy of beholding the Divine Presence in everything that happens to me.

- Mother Angelica

Friday, December 17

The Violin and the Orchestra

Consider the violin: its song is beautiful and good and pleasant to listen to, but it lacks the qualities and unity of the whole orchestra. The violin is marvelous on its own, but the orchestra can paint pictures that the violin never dreamed of; it can reach the heart in so many ways, while the violin can only reach it with its own way.